Why Hire Mobile General Counsel?

The firm is based in Chicago, Illinois, where the head attorney is licensed, and it serves the entirety of the United States in federal intellectual property matters.


MGC is known for its keen understanding of the modern challenges today’s entrepreneurs and organizations face. The firm is also noted for its unique legal subscription business model, allowing companies of all sizes to get the legal help they need while keeping costs under control.  


Additionally, MGC employs a decidedly “growth-oriented” approach to legal activities, helping clients maximize their potential while also protecting them. From contracts to trademarks to employee issues to anything else, Mobile General Counsel is ready to assist in your success.

Today’s Business Climate Demands Protective (&Proactive) Legal Services.

The modern business environment is fast-paced and decidedly digital, even for the most analog of services.

  • It’s a world where anyone can start a website from their bedroom, at seemingly whatever name they want (like yours). 

  • It’s a world where strong contracts matter more than handshakes.

  • It’s also a progressively litigious world, where even a single misstep can go viral and make life difficult for a company.

Today, virtually any company will benefit from legal counsel. If you're large enough to have employees, then you're large enough for ongoing legal counsel.


Mobile General Counsel is a forward-thinking law firm that fully understands the lightning-fast pace and nuances of today’s business world.

We work for companies across the United States and focus our general counsel services in two overall areas:

  • Advising and safeguarding our clients in today’s marketplace.

  • Utilizing a proactive legal strategy to help our clients grow.

Ok, what do these mean? Let’s discuss:


For advising and safeguarding our clients, well, this is exactly what you expect a general counsel law firm to do. We go over your contracts, draft new ones, register your trademarks, monitor (and defend) your intellectual property, advise you on personnel issues, draft policies, write terms and conditions, handle filings and negotiations, answer your legal questions and give advice on actions you are considering, and a hundred other services.

A key differentiator is we accomplish this in a classic legal sense, with a decidedly modern eye. We’re well-versed in not only using technology, but can advise you on subjects where others fall short. And in this group-collaborative, video-conference-centric, social-media-infused world, this matters.


Regarding helping our clients grow, we offer you a big-picture view of how your legal strategy can further your company’s success. From advising on better utilizing your intellectual property to drafting service contracts that make you more attractive to prospects and increase your revenue, we always have one eye on growth.


It is not unusual for new Mobile General Counsel clients to experience exponential revenue increases as a result of sound legal protection and a proactive legal strategy. Yes, we’re saying a lawyer can sometimes be profitable. We prove it again and again.


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