Trademark & Copyright Services

Trademarks and Copyrights Are Important And We Do Them Right

The intellectual property registration process is a long one, and everything needs to be prepared and handled correctly. Mistakes cost time and money. Let us save you both!

We can handle all intellectual property services for you, including:

  • The difference between trademarks, copyright, patents, and the ™®© symbols.

  • Advising you on viable trademarks (not every name can be trademarked).

  • Researching on a federal level for conflicting trademarks.

  • Filing a federal trademark application and follow up.

  • Maintenance filings.

  • Trademark Monitoring (making sure nobody is using your name).

  • Cease and Desist letters (and responses).

  • Response to Office Actions (respond to the government). 

  • Copyright registration services and follow up.

These services can be delivered stand-alone and are also included with our legal subscription services (a great value!)


In addition, we have a home study course for ardent DIY’ers. You can access it HERE.


However you choose to approach it, let’s get your intellectual property handled because it matters.

Not sure which intellectual property package is right for you?

Why This Matters?
(A Trademark Horror Story)

Imagine this: you’ve been in business a dozen years. You’re doing well. One day, you notice a competitor springs up in the next town. Not only is their business almost exactly like yours, but they are also using a business name quite similar to yours. And their logo looks pretty familiar too.


You reach out and ask them to stop. Not only won’t they stop, but you get a letter from their lawyer saying your name and logo violates their intellectual property, and you must cease and desist.


How could this be? You’ve had it for a dozen years. So you find your own lawyer. And the first question they ask is to see your trademark paperwork.


Err…you have that, right? No? Uh oh…


And no, you having an LLC or whatnot doesn’t help either. The state will happily let you file an LLC with an untrademarked name.


You can guess what happens now. Not only can the competitor use the name and logo, your 12-year-old business must change names.


Sadly, this is not a work of fiction – it happens. All The Time. Once you start to experience success, others notice. And someone may try and help themselves.


We’ll stop them cold. 


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