Legal Audit

Effective Legal Protection Begins Here

How exposed is your company legally?

Is the profit you make from your products and services really safe?

Do your contracts and/or terms really protect you?

In today’s business environment, these are questions that not only require definitive answers, they become increasingly critical with every dollar your company earns.


Mobile General Counsel answers these questions with our Comprehensive Legal Audit.


This is a one-time, one-of-a-kind service at a rock-bottom bargain price of $347, and it’s designed to give you an understanding of your company’s legal standing.

Put Simply, It's The Best $347 You Will Spend This Year.

During The Audit, An MGC Expert Will:

Go over your trademarks and copyrights.

Let’s be sure your intellectual property is protected.


And even if you don’t have any federally registered intellectual property, you may very well need several.


We’ll let you know.

Identify outdated or missing contracts and terms.

Many companies write their own “fine print”, copy a competitor’s, or download a template. All of these run the risk of leaving you extremely vulnerable legally - the easy route isn't the safest, trust us. We get calls when it goes south.


We’ll find out.

Review your company's overall legal protection.

Unknown to them, many companies operate without legal protection until they can't avoid it. And by that time, it's VERY expensive to fix what could have been prevented.


We’ll uncover where you

are at risk.

Our Comprehensive Legal Audit Is For Everyone.

Our Comprehensive Legal Audit is available to any company, of any size, in any industry. Many companies who never worked with a lawyer before use this audit to understand their legal needs and exposure. If they go on to work with us further, great. If not, that’s ok too (hint: most stick around!)


It’s also where we start with every single new client. Because it’s not only beneficial to you – it’s beneficial to us. Even our largest clients start here for the $347.


Why do they start here? Because when we take on any new client, we need to know “where they stand” legally. That’s what the audit is designed to tell us.


Whether you’ve worked with a lawyer previously or not, our Comprehensive Legal Audit is the best place to begin Bulletproofing Your Brand™.

Fill out the form below to schedule your Comprehensive Legal Audit!

Meet Our Founding Attorney

Ashley Nicole Kirkwood Esq. is a former corporate lawyer who decided to forgo representing billion-dollar corporations, and instead work with growing companies and the people behind them.  


Besides being an accomplished business attorney, Ashley is also an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur and a proactive thinker who understands how an effective legal strategy can protect a company while also helping drive revenue.  


As a result, Mobile General Counsel favors a consultative approach, asking the right questions, and working tirelessly to safeguard client’s livelihoods while enhancing their businesses.


Read about our team here.

Comprehensive Legal Audit FAQs

What Does the Legal Audit Cover?

How Long Does it Take?

What Size Business Needs a Legal Audit?

It's a One-Time $347 Charge, Right?

Isn’t that a Little Inexpensive for a Lawyer?

Does the Audit Come with Legal Advice?

Am I Protected After the Legal Audit?

So I Can Get This Legal Audit, Find Out Where I Am Weak, Then Go Hire My Cousin (You Know, Vinny) To Fix Everything?

We’re not certain we’d recommend it, but sure, you can do that.  

Where is the firm located? Where are the attorneys licensed?

Great question. Ashley is licensed in Illinois and has a team of attorneys that she works with that are licensed in New York, California, and a few other states, but let me answer the underlying question. Can we help you, regardless of your location? If you need help with federal copyright protection and federal trademark protection, yes. If you need help with legal tasks that are state-law specific, no. This gets a little confusing, so the best thing for you to do is email us at and we will help you or refer you to another attorney if we have a great referral! 


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