We provide race, gender and generational diversity training for corporations and legal solutions for entrepreneurs.


Innovative Legal Services

Just getting started? Need help determining which type of legal business entity you should use to structure your business? Are you ready to trademark your business name? Do you need ongoing legal and business counseling? We're here to help! Schedule an initial consultation to get started! 

Diversity Consulting & Training

Mobile General Counsel helps its clients come up with strategies and programs that create an inviting and inclusive workplace community that fosters the retention and development of diverse employees. To retain top diverse talent for the long haul, your company must do more than recruit diverse talent. It must foster an inclusive corporate community. We help companies to develop entry interviews, culture audits, diversity emersion experiences, and innovative trainings. Each program and offering is custom made for the client. You will not get static one-size-fits all trainings from us! And, due to the founder’s employment law background, each topic is approached with the sensitivity and care that the law requires. We offer programming and training to help foster generational, racial, and gender diversity.

Influencer Representation

Are you being paid on a regular basis to promote products for large corporations? Are you feeling overwhelmed when negotiating with these corporations? Do you simply want a lawyer's help reviewing your contract before you sign? Were you not paid by one of your corporate clients? We can help you navigate the relatively new waters of influencer marketing to ensure that you're protected. Schedule a consultation today!