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What Is a General Counsel?

A good place to begin is to briefly discuss what a general counsel does.


In plain terms, when you say something like "Let me ask my lawyer" or "Let me have my lawyer look this over", you could be referencing your general counsel. And it's not just for the Fortune 500® anymore.


We at Mobile General Counsel (MGC) stand by you, the business owner, helping you with decisions and ensuring legal issues don't disrupt operations or profitability.


In addition, MGC handles all of those "outside the courtroom" legal issues common to successful businesses: Company/Business Entity Formation (for those in Illinois), Trademark/Copyright/Intellectual Property issues, Cease and Desist Letters (or responding to such), Contracts and Negotiation, General Advice, and more.

General Counsel Legal Services

Here is a brief overview of our most common General Counsel Legal Services.

*NOTE: Individual legal services pricing varies by project complexity. See our FAQ for details.
For the best price and value, see our legal subscription services.

Comprehensive Legal Audit

It all starts with a comprehensive legal audit. Every new client begins here. In this special $347 audit, we'll extensively go over your entire business and determine your legal strengths and weaknesses. Then we discuss the results with you and recommend a course of action. Most clients are surprised at how vulnerable they truly are, but the good news is, it's all correctable.

Business Counseling & Formation

We'll counsel you on which business entity (LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, etc.) best fits your needs, and then prepare and file the paperwork for you.

Trademark & Copyright Services

Trademark Application Service

We're versed in intellectual property issues and handle the following:

  • A complete federal search for conflicting trademark registrations;

  • An opinion letter regarding the search results and viability of the trademark's success;

  • A consultation to review the search results and discuss the trademark filing plan;

  • Filing the trademark; and  

  • Copyright registration (more on this below)

Cease And  Desist Letter Drafting

Has someone infringed on your trademarked name? Are they using a name that is confusingly similar to your business name or other intellectual property? Then you need a strong cease and desist letter, which we will prepare. Alternatively, if you have received a cease and desist letter and want a strong advocate to respond, we're on it!

Trademark Maintenance Filings

After you file your trademark application, you are required to continually renew your application. Let us handle these maintenance filings so your trademark remains safe.

Response To Office Actions

Did you file on your own and have now received a notice that there's a problem with your application? This is common, as filing is an involved process, with a lot of moving parts. If you filed yourself and have been told something is amiss, allow us to serve as your advocate and respond to the government's inquiries with a strong office action response.

Copyright Application Services

Allow us to secure your content by filing a federal copyright application for you.

Contract Drafting & Negotiation Services

Contract Drafting

(Including Employment Contracts)

If you have clients, you should have contracts. Allow us to draft custom contract templates for you to use in your business. A value add is not only do we protect you, but we can counsel you on service structure to enhance your profitability.  And yes, we also draft employment contract templates as well.

Drafting Licensing Agreements

If you are seeking to land a licensing deal (congratulations!), you will need a strongly worded corporate licensing contract. If you don't have one, we'll draft one for you. If you have one now and aren't certain regarding its strength, we'll look it over and assist you in creating/negotiating the terms of your licensing agreement.

General Questions or Something Else?

If you don't see the legal service you are looking for, or have questions, we'll be happy to discuss this with you.

Put a Lawyer On Layaway!

We have a Lawyer On Layaway Program that allows you to start your legalization journey for a reasonable down payment and then pay for your legal services over a period of several months. We'll work with you to select a reasonable payment schedule and final payment / work begins date. This way, you can pre-plan and get the legal services you know you need, without the large initial financial outlay. Good legal services are a wise investment, and our Lawyer On Layaway Program allows smaller-but-growing companies to participate.

General Counsel Frequently Asked Questions 

How much are the fees for your services, and do you have flat fees?

We do not have flat rates that we advertise online. This is due to every legal project having a unique set of circumstances. We will quote you a flat rate after your legal audit.

I need to sue someone – can you help?

If you are looking to go the lawsuit route, you should be aware of everything involved, and we will happily consult you on that. Besides advice, we can draft initial correspondence to perhaps avoid a suit and get you what you seek. But we do not represent clients in court.

I am being sued - can you help?​

We advise clients on lawsuits, and we can handle correspondence and negotiation to (hopefully) avoid costly court time. But we do not represent clients in court.


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